Animation & Motion Graphics

Our completely polished look to 3D Animation and Motion Graphics sets our videos apart. Adding lifestyle cinema to the mix will significantly enhance clients' wants and needs.

    Animation & Motion Graphics

Product Introduction using 3D Animation & Motion Graphics - Indica Vaporizer

The Indica Vaporizer product introduction depicts discreet, sexy and sophistication, all in a stylish metal case. What more does a distinguished gentleman need? See these videos on our client's website!

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Product Introduction + Kickstarter (fully funded in TWO hours!)

HYPER introduces iStick, a device made to be showcased & funded in Kickstarter. The ONLY means of advertising and marketing of the iStick is using the video that we produced. This project had a KickStarter goal of $100,000 and got funded within TWO HOURS!!! It went way beyond $500,000 in 4 days.

The iStick works like a USB flash drive with high storage capacity and a unique Apple lightning adaptor end. Users can bypass the clunky iTunes, backing up and storing data securely from Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices. It enables the transfer of data and storage of thousands of movies into a simple flash drive, convenient for watching movies on a long flight.

Keeping in mind the budget for this project, we shot this video against a simple, white background with excellent cinematography, then applied After Effects, and special effects on the film. Creating animated backgrounds with floating icons captures consumer interest and quickly informs the audience about a product’s concept and how it works. It also allows the client to save thousands of dollars since the entire video was done in a studio without having to rent a plane or an office for footage of the interior.

iPin - Be a Hero

This animation inspires high tech tools to be revered by tech geeks and the business people alike. It's only 1.5 minutes but conveys a LOT in that short amount of time. A MUST WATCH!

Medical device, PatchPump by Steadymed with a human body in 3D

SteadyMed Therapeutics developed a family of size efficient, prefilled, disposable, liquid drug delivery system. We used a 3D human body to showcase this breakthrough!

This project is generated on supercomputers. Contact us for your project today!

Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

This is a beautiful showcase to a new product using a stunning mesh of 3D animation as well as lifestyle cinema shoot. The lifestyle shoot itself took about a day in our studio (believe it or not!) and the animation is so real that most of our viewers' first reaction and thoughts are that the products are photographed in real life.

Intro and Technology Showcase

This video primarily employs motion graphics and light 3D Animation to showcase the Arrayent Connect Platform in CES as well as the Arrayent's website.