Professional Lighting and Retouching to enhance your image

Our professional lighting techniques and film equipment do 80% of the work to create unsurpassed imagery, which is much more effective than using natural light alone. There are times when headshots can be photographed with natural light and still turn out well, but usually, it's just not good enough, and the sun never stays in the one place that you want. The final 20% is left to our professional retouchers. Once in a while, that ratio is challenged.

Retouching Mantra : Enhance in elegance

The key to retouching is not overdoing it so that one can tell it has been "Photoshopped." It's all about subtlety and enhancing the image. It's also about recognizing what needs to be retouched. Below are a few examples of our work. On a scale of 1 to 10, you can let us know how much retouching you would like on your image!

Do you know that our headshot fees includes professional lights setup AND advanced retouching?

Advanced Retouching Techniques

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She has a beautiful face and she wanted us to make her look just slightly slimmer and healthier. We the following:
  1. reshaped her face slightly.
  2. moved her shoulder down to make her look slimmer with a more relaxed pose.
  3. removed all the fly-aways
  4. added sheen to her hair
  5. brighten up her eyes
  6. tone down on some of her neck lines, strong line under her eye and pores on her face
  7. created a healthier tan on her skin
  8. darken her jacket so that the focus is back to her face

Professional Lighting Techniques

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We had two lights set up for this headshot. The shadows on the right created too much texture which made this gentleman looks older than necessary. Adding a third soft light to camera-right melted all his wrinkles away naturally!

And this is all BEFORE retouching!!!

Photoshopping individuals into a group!

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Did you know that group photos can be taken separately and then combined for the perfect shot? This may save employees time as they can come at their convenience to get their picture taken, versus having to schedule a time when everyone can make it to the photo shoot. Group photos can be done classically inside a studio, somewhere picturesque, or in front of your business, featuring your company sign or logo. The fun part is getting creative with the collective energies of everyone in the group and coming up with a shot of people who share common ideals, who work best when they are together as a team.

Lighting and Light Retouch

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We only had one light for this image used to balance the light during twilight. The gong weighed about 50lbs, so we needed the stand but planned to remove it in Photoshop. Yes, the shadow of the stand had to be removed as well! While we were at it, we slimmed him down a little.

Professional Lighting ONLY

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Our work in the fashion industry gave us immense experience on lighting people, places and products. A photographer who only shoots in natural lights can only photograph well during the day. This was a shoot during the late evening and the only way to make the dress shine is with our professional lighting equipment, creating beautiful purple light in the background while the model and dress is bathe in soft light.

Advanced Magazine Cover Retouching Skill

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This was photographed for a skincare magazine cover. The magazine had a limited budget for a makeup artist. Fortunately, our retouchers compensated for the imbalance.
  • Significantly tone down her skin texture
  • Create cheekbones and contours where they don't exist
  • Shrink the nose for a less-pronounced look
  • Shrink the shoulder for a less-pronounced look
  • Shrink the neck for a less-pronounced look
  • Create highlights and shadows on the hair to draw the viewers’ eyes
  • Create a glowing skin shine
  • Enhance the chin for an angular look
  • Ensure that skin texture still exists and is not over-retouched for a natural look
  • Shift the color saturation and hue to bronze for the look the magazine wanted
  • Lighting and Retouch for NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    This was photographed for the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders' Swimsuit Calendar. No stones were left unturned for this photograph. Hair, makeup, body oil, styling...even the swimsuits were all custom made. It was five minutes before sunset; our lighting did an amazing job, and our Photoshop retouching brought us past the last mile.

  • The most amazing body sculpting work in retouching that you'll see is utilizing light and shadow to create muscle tones that didn't exist. Stunning, yes?
  • Our retouching enhanced the photo naturally. Understanding human anatomy is key here as we were sure not to shave off the hip bone, which is really a part of the body that should NOT be shaved off. Most retouchers do the unthinkable...

    You can see the behind-the-scenes photo below...
  • Lighting & Retouch Techniques

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    We had a serious issue with this photo. The sun was hitting her blonde hair with such intensity that you could no longer see the beautiful blonde hair. Even the tree looked blown out. We had to scrim the light so that it becomes softer. After which, photoshop the fly-aways, and make her look slimmer. ;)