Jewelry Photography

Rare. Sparkling. Eternal. Jewelry has stood the test of time as an elaborate and ultimate gift of love. Rubies and sapphires boast a soulful luster in their rich, royal colors. Pearls glow with a soft luminescence. Diamonds reflect back light in a prism of fiery colors. Precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum give off an eye-catching shine. Jewelry photography is all about creating allure, magnifying the jewels so everyone can appreciate details often lost to the naked eye. People buy jewelry not because it is something they need, but something they want to have. They carry a higher price tag than other commodities, so the perfect picture that plays up what’s most seducing about a jewel can make all the difference.

The proper lighting can create dramatic results in jewelry photography, giving the gems an extra sparkle and adding a sense of depth and dimension.