International Cuisine

Food is the common denominator among different cultures; for centuries, people and lands have come together in the spirit of a good meal. In ancient civilization, once strangers sit and eat together, they form alliances and become good friends, strengthening the etiquette between hosts and guests. Yet, food also shows the diversity among the human race, as can clearly be seen from the way one single ingredient can be prepared in many lavish ways. What’s also interesting is the way food is presented, whether on a basic plate or on leaves or stoneware, served with fondue or en flambé, with utensils from knives and forks to chopsticks to none at all. These details are what highlight the nuances, richness, and exoticism of a culture, bringing strangers together to try something new after a great international food photograph has enticed their taste buds.

Whether it’s French, Italian, Chinese, or Japanese Cuisine, we can cover a large spectrum of food photography and cinematography.