Professional Lighting and Retouching to enhance your Photographs

Our professional lighting techniques and film equipment do 80% of the work to create unsurpassed imagery, which is much more effective than using natural light alone. There are times when corporate images can be photographed with natural light and still turn out well, but usually, it's just not good enough, and the sun never stays in the one place that you want. The final 20% is left to our professional retouchers. Once in a while, that ratio is challenged.

Retouching Mantra : Enhance in elegance

The key to retouching is not overdoing it so that one can tell it has been "Photoshopped." It's all about subtlety and enhancing the image. It's also about recognizing what needs to be retouched. Below are a few examples of our work. On a scale of 1 to 10, you can let us know how much retouching you would like on your image!

Do you know that our photography fees includes professional lights setup AND standard retouching? Advanced retouching is also available for an additional fee.

Advanced Photoshop Retouching

(roll your mouse over the image to see the "before")
There were a few issues when we took this photo. We had to bring 3-4 powerful lights, to light the product, that's a given. But the real issues were these,
  1. Problem: Due to photographing in a clean room, the product resided in a tight space. Lighting and photographing a large product in a space like these usually takes a full day to complete.
    Solution: We light only the product with plans to do a cutout (background removal). This shot took less 30 minutes to complete, saved the client time & money and saved us time.
  2. Problem: Another rack of server weren't movable but needed to be shown next to the main machine. Solution: We photographed the server in the exact angle and photoshopped the server on the right side of the machine.

We also fixed the distortion that came with photographing an object too close, added inscription on top of the machine, replace the monitor screens, etc.

Advanced Color Correction & Advanced Cutout/Replace Sky

(roll your mouse over the image to see the results)
It was 30 minutes PAST the golden hour and it was cold and foggy. The architectural shot that we are paid to complete is in jeapordy!!! Everything is not golden as we had hoped. Instead, it's all blue in hue (see below photo). Photoshop to the rescue! Straight off replacing the sky will not yield the result you want since the ground and buildings are still bluish and cold looking. You'll want to correct all that using advanced color correction techniques. The rest is just removing unsightly stuff like drainage, background buildings, etc.

This shot was composed using 5 different images in different light and exposure, so that we can bring back stark overblown areas like the sculpture on the left (notice lack of texture before the retouch). The 2nd image also includes lens distortion correction.

All of these on top of a 10 foot ladder. :-(

Simple retouching for reflections and colors

(roll your mouse over the image to see the results)
Sometimes retouching need not be an elaborate job. Simply cleaning up and soften reflections on a product will make it stand out dramatically

Photoshopping individuals into a group!

(roll your mouse over the image to see the results)
Did you know that group photos can be taken separately and then combined for the perfect shot? This may save employees time as they can come at their convenience to get their picture taken, versus having to schedule a time when everyone can make it to the photo shoot. Group photos can be done classically inside a studio, somewhere picturesque, or in front of your business, featuring your company sign or logo. The fun part is getting creative with the collective energies of everyone in the group and coming up with a shot of people who share common ideals, who work best when they are together as a team.